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why I haven’t posted for most of the day:

So….. I was casually walking home to come down the road to where I live, only to discover the road is blocked by the police and a few ambulances when a bomb disposal van drives down. No one knows what is going on but every house from halfway down my road all the way up to sainsburys and possibly the same in the other direction have been evacuated, even though I am not in the evacuation zone I am still quite worried so I might just get back out of here and go pub soon, unless anyone wants me to bring vodka with me to theirs. also I feel sorry for those who have been evacuated and those living in St. Christopher’s court as everyone’s been evacuated to there.


Postcards for Ants, Artist Creates A Miniature by Lorraine Loots

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Cape Town-based artist Lorraine Loots took up a remarkable 365-day challenge: to create a miniature painting every single day for an entire year. The artist began her challenge in the beginning of 2013 and, after enjoying the routine of her successful challenge, she decided to continue with the “Postcards for Ants” project in 2014.

The young artist has dedicated this year’s works exclusively to Cape Town, which happens to be the official World Design Capital of 2014. Fans of Loots’s work can write to the artist and book up-coming paintings or prints, or suggest Cape Town-themed ideas or places for her to paint.

snoopykiller1 asked:

Hi, I am Paul. I am a game developer at aTech. Can you make me a favour and test one new game called League of Legends? It is the best new online game coming soon. Be one of the first one to see it, play it at my blog. Let my know did you liked it! Paul

1. I’m sure League has been out for a long while. 2. I don’t play videogames at all anymore so no, sorry. I am an artist not a gamer and I quit gaming to focus more on my art, plus I never play mmo’s and never will. if you need to ask me to do something art or music based then I might comply depending on how busy I am and what I am being offered in exchange for my time but anything videogame based then you are always going to get a no


"The child with a forest atop her head"

Alex CF 2014

This tiny unique skeleton was found in an auspicious tomb on the Peninsula of Osbora in 1891. Contained within a clay coffin, and surrounded by various trinkets and bones, It is believed that she had been deified and worshipped. On the coffin was carved the words “Yab Noes Laka Natok” which translates as “child with a forest upon her head”. This area of Osbora was settled by the Charnos people in 450 BCE.

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